Agreement of overall design premises and technical infrastructure connection

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  1. Implementation steps:
  - Step 1: Enterprises apply dossiers at the one - door section of the Economic Zone Management Board;
  - Step 2: The One – door shopping (OSS) section shall check records; If the dossier is complete and valid, a receipt shall be issued. In case where the dossiers are incomplete or invalid, they shall be supplemented or amended and then transfer to the Planning and Construction Department;
  - Step 3: Return the results. (Enterprises pay fees at the accounting department and receive written agreement at the OSS).
2.Method of implementation
- Filing and receiving the results directly at the OSS unit of the Economic Zone Authority
- Address: 91 Le Duan Street, Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province.
- Phone: 053. 3 859 713 or 053. 3 609 303.
3. Composition and number of dossiers:
a) Composition of the dossier:
- An application for agreement on the design of the general ground and the connection of technical infrastructure;
- The general design of the works, in which specific statistics on land area, construction area of construction items, construction ratio, percentage of trees, percentage of roads;
- The design of the total area for rainwater collection and drainage (clearly stating rain water drainage pits, sand pits, rubbish dumps, connection points, details of manholes);
- The design of the general site for waste water collection and treatment (waste water collection system for production, daily-life waste water collection system (including washing water), detailed design of septic tanks, filtered in accordance with current standards; wastewater treatment area; location of manholes connected to WWTP;
- Design of water supply and electricity supply; the location to connect to the general system of the industrial zone;
- The design of the general internal traffic plan: showing the cross-sections and the layout of the technical infrastructure along the road (if any).
(Item 3, Article 2, Circular No. 19/2009 /TT-BXD dated 30 June 2009)
b) Number of dossiers: 01 set of originals.
4. Processing time: Within 03 days after receiving complete and valid dossiers.
5. Objects of implementing administrative procedures: Organizations and individuals.
6. Agencies implementing administrative procedures:
a) Competent agency: Provincial People's Committee
b) Authorized and decentralized body: The Economic Zone Management Board.
c) The agency directly implementing the administrative procedures: The Management Board of the Economic Zone
7. Results of implementation of administrative procedures: Written agreement on the design of the site and technical infrastructure.
8. Fee: free.
9. Name of Form, Declaration: Yes
An application for agreement on the design of the general site and connection of the technical infrastructure of the project (Form 7)
10. Requirements and conditions for implementation of administrative procedures: No
11. Legal grounds of administrative procedures:
- Decree No. 29/2008 / ND-CP dated March 14, 2008 of the Government providing for industrial parks, export processing zones and economic zones;
- Decree No. 12/2009 / ND-CP dated 12/02/2009 of the Government on the management of investment projects on construction of works;
- Decree No. 83/2009 / ND-CP dated October 15, 2009 of the Government amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree No. 12 / ND-CP dated 12/02/2009 on the management of investment projects on construction of works;
- Circular No. 03/2009 / TT-BXD of March 26, 2009, detailing and guiding a number of contents of Decree No. 12/2009 / ND-CP dated February 12, 2009 of the Ministry of Construction. The Government on the management of investment projects on the construction of works;
- Circular No. 19/2009 / TT-BXD dated 30 June 2009 of the Ministry of Construction detailing regulations on management of construction investment in industrial zones and economic zones.

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