Quang Ngang Industrial Park

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1. Location of the Industrial Zone / Economic Zone: Gio Linh District, Quang Tri Province
2. Scale of the Industrial Zone / Economic Zone: Located on the geographical areas of Gio Quang and Gio Chau communes, Gio Linh District, Quang Tri Province
The total planed land area is 2,792 ha, including:
  • Phase I: 135.26 ha, area for rent land is 100.11 ha
  • Phase II: 66.13 ha, area for rent land is 43.76 ha
  • Phase III: 116.74 ha, area for rent land is 87.29 ha
3. General infrastructure of the Industrial Zone / Economic Zone:
1. Power supply system: The power supply system has been completed. The 110 KV power grid ensures sufficient power supply for the operation of the plants. 
2. Water supply system: provided by water plants of Gio Linh Districts with a capacity of 15,000 m3/ day and night ensuring sufficient water demand of the plants’ operation.
3. The waste water treatment system of the whole Industrial Park is being under construction.
4. The internal traffic system of the Industrial Park has basically been completed.
4. Current operation status There are 19 registered investment projects, with a total investment capital of 8,623 billion VND, the area of rented ​​industrial land is 95.93 ha. 
Of 19 projects: 11 projects have been put into operation; 04 projects are under construction; 04 projects are undergoing investment procedures. 
Occupancy ratio is 66.68%
Main sectors: Wood processing, construction materials production, garment for export, beer production, fertilizer production…
5. Distance to the nearest seaports 15km far from Cua Viet port, 148km far from Chan May port, 182km far from Da Nang port.
6. Active major investors The MDF VRG – Quang Tri Wood Joint Stock Company, Ha Noi – Quang Tri Beer Joint Stock Company, Binh Dien – Quang Tri Fertilizer Joint Stock Company…
7. Population of Neighborhoods (2015) (1) - Measured by radius distance from Industrial Zone/ Economic Zone: The population of Gio Linh District was about 73,888. 
The population of Dong Ha was about 88,414. 
Quang Tri South East Economic Zone is 25 km from the center of Dong Ha City.
8. Forms of land lease (Lease term and method of land rental payment). - Forms of land lease: Leasing land with the collection of land use levy; 
- Lease term is 50 years; 
- Method of land rental payment: Annual or one - off payment for the whole project operation period.
9. Construction density (%) - Maximum construction density: 60%; 
- Minimum tree density: 20%; 
- Infrastructure and transportation: rest of land area.
10. The unit price for land lease (2) The unit price for land lease: VND 180,000/m2/year x 0.85% x 01 time = 1,530 VND /m2/year
11. Other management fees in the Industrial Zone (annual): Infrastructure user fee: from 10 to 20 VND million/ha/year; Applied since 2017.
12. Capacity of water supply for production and daily life (m3/24h) 1. Untreated water sources from underground water sources: dug wells, drilled wells; 
From surface water sources: rain water reservoirs, rivers, streams, irrigation dams, irrigation water sources of South Thach Han canal (provided for communes of Trieu Phong and Hai Lang Districts). 
2. Clean water treatment plants: 
The water treatment plant of Gio Linh District with a capacity of 15,000 m3/day and night ensures sufficiently the water demand of the plants’ operation.    
13. The unit price of clean water for production and daily life (VND / m3 ) (3) + For material production activities: 12,500 VND / m3; 
+ For living activities: 7,200 VND/ m3.
14. Power capacity Power supply system has been completed and stable. The 110 KV power grid ensures sufficient power supply for the operation of the plants.
15. The unit price of electricity for production (VND / kWh) (4) Routine hours: 1,518 VND / kWh; 
Low-demand hours: 983 VND / kWh; 
High-demand hours: 2,735 VND / kWh.
16. Capacity of wastewater treatment plant; Waste water treatment fee (USD / m3 ); Treatment conditions - It is being invested to build a waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 3,000 m3/day and night ;
- Waste water treatment fee: not yet implemented.
17. Preferential policies for investors (enterprise income tax ([i] ), land rental ( [ii] ) (7), import tax (), personal income tax (9) , provincial support policies (10 )  1. Enterprise income tax: 
The enterprise income tax rate is 10% for a period of 15 years. The duration of preferential 
tax rate application is continuously counted from the first year when enterprise starts to generate income from new investment project.  
It is tax - free for 4 years and 50% tax reduction in the next 9 years for the income from new investment projects. The duration of tax exemption and reduction is continuously calculated from the first year of generating taxable income from new investment projects with tax incentives. In the case of having no taxable income for the first three years from the first year of generating income from new investment projects, the tax exemption and reduction duration will be calculated from the fourth year. 

2. Incentives on land rent:
- Land rental shall be exempted for the capital construction period which must not exceed 3 years counting from the date of issuance of the land lease decision of a competent state agency. 
After the period of capital construction during which land rental is exempted, land rental shall be further exempted as follow:
- For 15 years, for investment projects outside the list of sectors eligible for investment incentives.
- For 19 years, for projects on the list of sectors eligible for investment incentives.
- For projects not included in the List of investment incentive sectors, the exemption of land rental will be applied for 15 years after general construction period with land rental exemption. 

- Land rental shall be exempted for the entire lease period for investment projects on the list of sectors eligible for special investment incentives (except investment for construction and commercial operation of infrastructure in functional sub-zones in economic zones).
3. Import  and export tax: 
Import tax exemption is applied for goods imported to create fixed assets, including: 
- Machinery, equipment; components, details, knocked-down parts and spare parts for assembly in complete sets or used in synchronization with machinery and equipment; materials and supplies used for the manufacture of machinery, equipment or for the manufacture of components, details, knocked - down parts and spare parts of machinery and equipment; 
- Means of transport used exclusively in technological lines for direct use in production activities of the project; 
- Construction materials cannot be produced domestically. 
4. Personal income tax
To reduce by 50% of taxable income for taxpayers, including both Vietnamese and foreign workers in economic zones. 
5. Vocational training support: 
Projects hiring over 50 laborers or over 30 female laborers or laborers from ethnic minorities hired in Quang Tri and having labor contracts and social insurance contributions will be provided with a one-time training fee of 1,000,000 VND per laborer for primary vocational training and 3,000,000 VND per laborer for intermediate vocational training or laborer at least using modern technology.
18. Health insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance policy (11) Total contributions are 34.5%, including: 
- Social insurance accounting for 26%: Employers pay 18%, employees pay 8%. 
- Health insurance accounting for 4.5%: Employers pay 3.5%, employees pay 1%. 
- Unemployment Insurance accounting for 2%: Employers pay 1%, employees pay 1%. 
- Trade Union's dues accounting for 2%: Employers fully pay.
([i]) According to Decision No. 17/2016/QD-UBND dated May 11th, 2016 of the People’s Committee of Quang Tri Province on Promulgating the five – year period land schedule (2015-2019) on the geographical area of Quang Tri; Decision No. 23/2015/QD-UBND dated October 12th, 2015 of the People’s Committee of Quang Tri Province Preseribing the unit price of land rental and water surface rental on the geographical area of Quang Tri; Decision No. 2974/QĐ-UBND dated December 31st, of the People’s Committee of Quang Tri Preseribing the land price adjustment coefficients on the geographical area of Quang Tri;
([ii]) According to Decision No. 31/2015/QD-UBND dated December 14th,2015 of the People’s Committee of Quang Tri Province Preseribing the unit price of clean water on the geographical area of Quang Tri;
([iii]) According to Decree No. 218/2013 / ND-CP dated December 26th, 2013 of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of the Law on Corporate Income Tax;
([iv]) According to Decree No. 46/2014 / ND-CP dated 15th May 2014 of the Government on the collection of land rents and water surface rents; 
(7) According to Decree No. 35/2017 / ND-CP dated April 3rd, 2017 of the Government regulating the collection of land use fee, land rent, water surface rent in the economic zones and high - tech zones; 
(8)  According to the Law on Export and Import Taxes No. 107/2016 / QH13 dated April 6rd, 2016; 
(9) According to Decree No. 29/2008 / ND-CP dated March 14th, 2008 of the Government on industrial zones, export processing zones and economic zones; 
(10) According to Decision No. 39/2016 / QĐ-UBND dated September 21st, 2016 of the Quang Tri Provincial People's Committee promulgating regulations on preferential and supporting investment policies in Quang Tri Province; 
(11)According to the Decision No. 959 / QD-BHXH dated September 9th, 2015 of the Vietnam Social Insurance promulgating regulation on management of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance; social insurance records, health insurance card.

Some pictures of the Quan Ngang Industrial Park:

2 4
Detailed construction planning of Quan Ngang Industrial Park, 1/500 scale

3 3
Quan Ngang Industrial Park phase 3 with the area of 117 ha

4 3
Ha Noi Beer Factory

5 3MDF Wood Factory

Quang Tri Department of Planning and Investment
34 Hung Vuong Street, Dong Ha City, Quang Tri
Tel: (+84) 0233 3852 529
Fax: (+84) 0233 3851 760
Website: http://dpiquangtri.gov.vn 

Quang Tri Economic Zone Administration
91 Le Duan, Dong Ha, Quang Tri
Tel: (+84) 0233 3609 300
Fax: (+84) 0233 3851 743
Website: http://bqlkkt.quangtri.gov.vn

Ongoing Projects in Quan Ngang Industrial Park:

1. Hanoi - Quang Tri Beer Factory
- Investor: Hanoi – Quang Tri Beer Joint Stock Company
- Target: 25 million liters per year, expanding the capacity of 25 million liters per year
- Area: 79,187m2
- Investment capital: 294,731,000,000 VND
2. Reduced ilmenite Factory and the Quality improvement and ultra-fine grinding of zircon Factory
- Investor: Quang Tri Mineral Joint Stock Company
- Target: 30,000 tons of ilmenite; 4,500 tons zircon per year (phase 2)
- Area: 51,454 m2
- Investment capital: 61,389,000,000 VND
3. Komix Organic Microorganic Fertilizer Plant
- Investor: Quang Tri Microorganism Fertilizer Joint Stock Company
- Target: 40,000 tons of products per year (Phase 1: 20,000 tons per year)
- Area: 50,950 m2
- Investment capital: 50,000,000,000 VND
4. Kim Tin materials for welding production and titanium ore processing Factory
- Investor: Kim Tin - Quang Tri Joint Stock Company
- Target: Welding materials: 7,200 tons per year; Titanium ore: 12,000 tons per year
- Area: 43,139 m2
- Investment capital: 126,740,000,000 VND
5. Binh Dien – Quang Tri Fertilizer Factory
- Investor: Binh Dien - Quang Tri Joint Stock Company
- Target: 40,000 tons of NPK fertilizer products per year
- Area: 49,982 m2
- Investment capital: 98,088,000,000 VND
6. Fibre Cement roofing sheets Factory
- Investor: Huong Hoang Joint Stock Company
- Target: 3.4 million tons of standard per year
- Area: 20,000 m2
- Investment capital: 25,519,000,000 VND
7. VT- Gas Quang Tri gas storage and filling station
- Investor: Southern Gas Trading Joint Stock Company
- Target: Capacity of tanks: 02 tanks (30 tons / 01 tanks);
Bottle loading capacity: 9,000 tons per year
- Area: 5,182 m2
- Investment capital: 26,407,000,000 VND
8. MDF Quang Tri Factory - Line 2
- Investor: MDF VRG - Quang Tri Wood Joint Stock Company
- Target: 120,000 m3 of MDF wood products per year
- Area: 191,441 m2
- Investment capital: 1,446,600,000,000 VND
9. Hong Duc Vuong Fishmeal Production and Processing Factory
- Investor: Hong Duc Vuong Single Member Limited Liability Company
- Target: 24,000 tons of fishmeal per year
- Area: 30,109 m2
- Investment capital: 102,300,000,000 VND
10. Hop Quoc Adobe Bricks Factory
- Investor: Hop Quoc Single Member Limited Liability Company
- Target: 30 million tablets per year
- Area: 15,126 m2
- Investment capital: 37,465,000,000 VND
11. Gio Linh Garment Factory
- Investor: Gio Linh Garment and Trading Joint Stock Company
- Target: 20 machines, 556,000 products per year
- Area: 24,762m2
- Investment capital: 86,890,000,000 VND

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