Developmet Orientation towards 2020

Thursday - 21/06/2018 21:02
QUANG TRI - Key targets
Average GRDP growth rate reaches over 8% per year in the period 2016 - 2020.
Per capita income reaches over 65 million VND in year 2020.
Export turnover of goods and services reaches 250 million USD and import turnover reaches 275 million USD in year 2020.
Proportion of trained workforce reaches 50.6% in 2020 (of which 28% possesses qualifications or certificates).
Poverty rate declines from 2 to 2.5% per year in the period 2016 - 2020.
Some breakthrough regions and sectors 
1. The regions, corridors and economic zones: Focusing on investments and development of the economic axis to connect the East – South Economic Zone to the EWEC and Lao Bao Special Economic - Commercial Area (Lao Bao SECA), the La Lay Border Economic Zone, the Tourist Beach Zone of Cua Tung – Cua Viet and Con Co Island. 
2. The key projects: restructuring Agriculture; upgrading the Dong Ha City to grade II city, improving and enhancing Provincial Competitiveness Index; constructing and developing income model; improving people's lives, researching to build several new tourism products based on the province's advantages (spiritual tourism, nostalgia tourism, marine ecotourism, etc.).
3. Some breakthrough branches and sectors: energy industry, textile, agro – forestry - fishery processing; maritime economy, cross-border trade.
Orientation to develop branches and sectors
  • Accelerating the industry development in order to create a driving force for economic growth.
+ Developing infrastructure and attracting investments, promoting the effectiveness of EZs and IZs.
+ Concentrating on developing potential industries such as hydro-electricity, wind-electricity, thermo-electricity, cement production, construction materials, agro – forestry - fishery products processing, food – beverage processing, textile, leather, gas – electrical industry, glass, chemicals, new materials, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding , etc.
+ Using the advanced and modern technologies, prioritizing the key industries and export products.
- Making a great change in development of trade, tourism, services, increasing its contribution to the economy and creating more employments and incomes.
+ Focusing on investing and exploiting commercial centers of the province, promoting the EWEC’s advantages; Developing trade and services of various types; Developing centers of trading, financing, banking, telecommunication, etc. to meet the region’s demands for regional exchanges.
+ Strengthening foreign affairs and international economic cooperation; actively participating in the Greater Mekong Sub-region’s development cooperation programs and linking cultural heritages of Central region provinces and countries along the EWEC tourism programs.
+ Taking advantage of new opportunities for export - import and investment attraction in the period 2015 to 2020 - when the ASEAN Economic Community is established, ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) fully operates, Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) is signed, etc.
- Developing Agro - Forestry - Fishery which aims to commodity production, promote intensive farming and intensive investment, use advanced technologies (GAP), clean technologies associated with processing industry, ensure food security in the province, combine with preserving the environment, ensuring sustainable development.
+ Stabling the existing 2 – crop rice acreage, concentrating on intensive farming and producing high quality rice, developing intensive production areas which focus on key domestic animals and crops. Strengthening the application of science and technology in all stages of production, storage, processes and product consumption.
+ Developing farming and ranching which aims to semi-industry and industry.
- Focusing on investments in some social aspects:
+ Strengthening the education – training to improve the quality of human resources; Improving capability and quality of diseases examination and treatment as well as healthcare for people; Preserving and promoting traditionally cultural values.
+ Implementing social and poverty reduction policies effectively; Protecting political security and social order, creating favorable conditions for the socio – economic development.
- Constructing synchronously infrastructure and developing urban network aiming to modern direction, forming a stable foundation for further development.
+ Exploiting the EWEC effectively, including the upgrading of important routes such as the National Route 9 towards Cua Viet seaport, coastal road, Dong Ha – Lao Bao four-lane road, Dong Ha – Lao Bao railway, upgrading Cua Viet seaport, constructing My Thuy deep-seaport. 
+ Upgrading Dong Ha and Lao Bao to become the cores of the region's development.
    The key investment projects    
1. Construction and development of economic zones: Building infrastructure of the Southeast Zone, the 1200 MW thermal power plant, My Thuy seaport, Nhung river water supplying project... Investing in some essential constructions in the area of La Lay International Border Gate in order to rapidly promote the establishment of La Lay Border Economic Zone.   
2. Transport infrastructure: Upgrading and expanding the Cua Viet seaport (in both North and South shore); building a road bypassing the Quang Tri Town, phase 3 of extension of Hung Vuong Street, Cua Viet - Hai Khe road, the bypass of National Road No.1A in the east of Dong Ha city, upgrading the part of National Route 9 from National Road No.1 to Cua Viet port; National Road No.15D connecting La Lay with My Thuy port. 
3. Urban infrastructure: Upgrading the Dong Ha city to grade II urban 2020 and Quang Tri Town and Lao Bao to grade III urban areas by 2020; developing coastal urban system; constructing and developing Ta Rut, Huong Phung, My Chanh, Nam Cua Viet (Bo Ban) urban areas.
4. Electricity infrastructure: Completing the Quang Tri rural electricity supply project and construction investment projects; upgrading electricity grids, etc.
5.  Agriculture and irrigation: Constructing the logistic services area for fisheries at Con Co Island aiming to dual purpose.
6. Social - cultural sector: Traditional Medicine Hospital, Quang Tri Citadel Museum, high quality schools, model schools, etc.

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