The Provincial People's Committee working on reports on the implementation of key projects in the province

Wednesday - 29/11/2023 02:20
On February 7, 2023, the Provincial People's Committee organized a working session to hear reports on the implementation of key projects in the province and driving projects in economic zones and industrial parks. Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Mr. Vo Van Hung; Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee –Mr. Ha Sy Dong and Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Mr. Le Duc Tien chaired the meeting.
Chủ tịch UBND tỉnh Võ Văn Hưng phát biểu chỉ đạo tại cuộc họp.
 Report on the implementation of driving projects in the EZ including: My Thuy Port Area, Quang Tri Industrial Park, Hai Lang LNG Gas Power Center - Phase 1 (1,500 MW), the provincial Economic Zone Authority said that there are currently a number of problems related to overlap with the national mineral reserve area, procedures for converting forest use purposes, environmental impact assessment reports, and land type determination of forest or crop land to apply compensation prices, site clearance, traffic connection,etc. For projects of Viet Lao Petroleum Warehouse, CFG Nam Cua Viet Port Area, Manufacturing Factory stainless steel and alloy steel, etc, the Provincial Economic Zone authority is actively coordinating with investors and relevant departments and branches to remove obstacles to speed up implementation progress.
Regarding the Eastern bypass project of Dong Ha city, (4.2 km section from Hieu River bridge to Nguyen Hoang street), currently the Department of Transport and the Department of Planning and Investment have completed the proposal report on investment policy for the above project and advise on capital sources with an estimated total of 230 billion for implementation.
The coastal road project connecting the East-West economic corridor, phase 1, is facing difficulties due to having to carry out procedures for converting forests and planting replacement forests before changing the purpose of protective forest land (this work must be done and submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for appraisal). After that, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will submit approval to change the purpose of using rice land and protective forest land at the same time, so the time will be extended. In addition, the project goes through 4 districts and cities with a large amount of site clearance impact, so site clearance work is still facing many difficulties. In Trieu Phong district, there are 46 resettled households, but resettlement areas for affected people have not been identified.
Regarding the progress of implementing the Quang Tri Airport Project, the Provincial Construction Investment Project Management Board said that currently the province is asking investors to propose projects to complete the basic design of phase two for submission. The Ministry of Transport appraises both phases of the project. On that basis, the province will complete the dossier to submit to the central interdisciplinary council for consideration and approval. After that, the Provincial People's Committee will approve the project. It is expected that after March 15, 2023, the organization will select investors for implementation.
With the motto where there is difficulty - there is a solution, at the meeting, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requested relevant agencies, units and localities to review projects to solve them, focusing on solving problems. Concentrate resources and human resources to carry out site clearance work, resolve the problem of overlapping planning and the conversion of forest land use purposes to other purposes, and strive to start construction on the port project in the second quarter of this year. Quang Tri airport, implementing the construction of My Thuy seaport, Quang Tri Industrial Park, etc create a premise to promote other projects to be implemented, while creating a driving force for socio-economic development and attracting investment.
Concluding at the meeting, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Mr. Vo Van Hung emphasized that the early realization of projects is a difficult step because currently there are still many problems. Therefore, departments, branches and localities are required to uphold responsibility and proactiveness in coordinating with investors to remove obstacles in implementing projects.
Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Mr. Vo Van Hung highly agreed with the opinions of Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee –Mr. Ha Sy Dong and Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Mr. Le Duc Tien, that is, regarding planning, it is necessary to assign specific tasks to relevant units in each project and closely follow each task to urge and check progress regularly to resolve quickly, accurately and effectively so as not to affect the overall planning of the projects.
For some projects that need to change land use purposes or convert forests related to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, relevant units need to have written proposals for consensus to resolve problems for the projects. and ensure current laws.
For localities, it is necessary to proactively review, compile statistics, count and mobilize people to speed up site clearance for dynamic projects in the area, especially for port projects: Quang Tri Airport, My Thuy Port Area and Quang Tri Industrial Park. In addition, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requested that in February 2023, relevant departments, branches and localities coordinate to develop specific plans on progress and solutions to overcome difficulties to implement motivational projects.

Author: Hải Quang

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